Hauck Baby Park Playpen – White


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This Baby Park offers a variety of options to secure your household in a child-friendlymanner. The Baby Park is playpen, fireplace protection, stair gate and barrier for largeliving space.You can let your child play in the playpen. With a diameter of 61 cm there is plenty ofroom for cars, favourite animals or building blocks. The included floor mat is very softand comfortable and can also be used outside the playpen as a play mat for your child. Ifyou roll it up, you can take it anywhere. The sturdy playpen is assembled usingfive side parts and the door element. The door can be opened with one hand in bothdirections. It has a two-fold, manual locking mechanism and locks reliably in a childproofclosure.As a fireplace gate, stair gate or as a barrier for living rooms, attach the Baby Park withthe included mounting hardware on two adjacent walls. With a total length of 3.66 m, youcan cover large areas without any problems. If you want to go through the barrier, openthe door. This way it is ensured at all times that your child or pets can move only in therestricted areas.