Handmade organic wooden teether, teething toy ideal as a new baby gift or for a baby shower


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ORGANIC HANDMADE WOODEN TEETHER Teething could be a long and painful process. Something to chew on is sometimes all your baby really needs to get through the pain of teething. Pressure on your babys teeth from chewing may relieve the pain. With this theeter youre buying not just a toy, but a piece of nature, warmth and the smell of natural wood. The teether is absolutely safe, as it is made of natural materials Carpathian beech wood, impregnated with pure organic linseed oil and beeswax, which creates an antibacterial effect. It is designed for tiny fingers, has the perfect size and shape for your baby to grab, clutch, squeeze, munch and chew. Practical, made to last and it is the perfect answer to concerns over harmful chemicals as wood has natural antibacterial properties. And as a childs imagination grows, this little animal shaped wooden figure will transform into a toddler imaginative toy encouraging creative play in the later years. Including 1 x Organic wooden teether handmade by Tiny Fox Hole comes in a reusable natural linen drawstring bag with a box. Size of teether 9 cm 8 cm 1.5 cm Size of linen bag 18 x 14 cm