Gro Going To The Zoo Bed Set


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Your little one will be excited to jump into bed with this oh-so-cute Going To The Zoo Bedset from Gro. This bed set fits beds up to 70 x 140cm and comes with a unique zip-in system that keeps the duvet secure on the bed with the toddler safe underneath it. It makes it impossible to kick the duvet off and makes it almost as hard to fall out. The pillow is fixed in place and the whole set is secured to the bed with a clever elastic holder. A warm and secure toddler is much more likely to sleep right through. This set has poppers which work with Gro Duvet popper system to prevent the duvet from slipping down the duvet cover. Includes secure bottom fitted sheet with integral pillow case, and attachable duvet cover. Recommended from 2yrs+ Complies with all British and European fabric and durability standards Suitable for use all year round Spare fitted bottom sheet available separately Do not use with a Grobag baby sleep bag NEVER use a duvet or a pillow for a child under one year Do not exceed the max recommended tog duvet