Green Toys Submarine, Blue,Yellow


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With a spinning rear propeller and a sturdy handle for easy play, the brilliant Green Toys Submarine is perfect for underwater play, and because it’s made from completely recycled materials, it doesn’t cost the earth.Submerge the submarine underwater in the bath or pool and explore. The classic scoop shape has a wide mouth at the front, so all the water that goes inside can be poured out quickly and easily. You can even open up the cabin to keep it clean as required. The flat bottom of the submarine keeps it stable and when it’s empty it will float on the water. You can manually spin the propeller for a more realistic experience too, it’s such good fun!Green Toys are made from 100% recycled materials, like plastic milk jugs and yoghurt cartons- properly cleaned and shredded into raw materials, then mixed with food-safe colouring before being made into the brilliant toys you see today! Even the boxes are recycled cardboard printed with renewable soy ink! Good for the environment, and completely child-safe, even surpassing stringent safety requirements. BPA and Phthalate-free, these Green Toys are made in the USA by this eco-friendly company which has every child’s future at heart.Robust toy vehicle Made from brightly coloured recycled plastic Completely BPA & Phthalate-free Dimensions: H101 x W266 x D139mm Suitable for children aged 6 months+