Green Toys Rocket, Blue,Red


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Ready for launch! The brilliant Green Toys Rocket is the perfect pressie for budding astronauts, so why not get one and let your child explore the galaxy from the comfort of their own bedroom?The rocket is a brilliant toy for imaginative play and features a detachable nose cone capsule for when it gets into orbit! Both the main body of the rocket and the capsule have doors to get inside, and the capsule boasts buttons and dials to make the experience even more realistic. The door to the rocket doubles as a set of steps for the astronauts to get inside too. The astronauts themselves are moulded into special spacesuits with helmets and dual-tank backpacks. Three auxiliary fin boosters and the main booster rocket provide the lift that this rocket needs to get playtime off the ground!Green Toys are made from 100% recycled materials, like plastic milk jugs and yoghurt cartons- properly cleaned and shredded into raw materials, then mixed with food-safe colouring before being made into the brilliant toys you see today! Even the boxes are recycled cardboard printed with renewable soy ink! Good for the environment, and completely child-safe, even surpassing stringent safety requirements. BPA and Phthalate-free, these Green Toys are made in the USA by this eco-friendly company which has every child’s future at heart.Robust toy rocket with astronautsMade from brightly coloured recycled plasticCompletely BPA & Phthalate-freeDimensions: H290 x W230 x D200mmSuitable for children aged 12 months+