Globber Mini Hornit, Green


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Add some extra functions to your scooter (or bike!) with the Globber Mini Hornit. With many sounds and lights, they will be the envy of all of their friends. Grab your Mini Hornit and attach it to the handlebars with the adjustable silicone strap.Keeps your little one safe when out and aboutIncreases visibility so they can be seen by vehiclesLarge variety of sounds to keep your child interestedRemote trigger for extra safetyAll about meThere are 3 different light functions to choose from; steady, slow flash and fast flash. There are twin LED’s giving off a brightness of 12 Lumens.Then you also have a choice of 25 different sounds to choose from. will they choose the aeroplane, bike bell, bomb drop, burp, elephant, fart, fire engine, helicopter, hooter, hornet, horse, klaxon, laser, lion, motorbike, magic carpet, magic spell, police siren, racing cars, reversing truck, rooster, train, trumpet, wolf or zapper sound?Parents need not worry about their little one removing their hands from the handlebars as there is also a remote trigger button they can attach right next to their hand grip.