Girls Tooth Fairy Cushion, Tooth Fairy Pillow, Girls Tooth Faerie Cushion, Handmade Pink Tooth Fairy Bag, Unique Gift, Tooth Fairy Handbag


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A handmade Pink Tooth Fairy Cushion, fit for a princess! My latest craft inspiration is my pink Tooth Fairy Cushion. These colours are a favourite of mine (evidently) and I do plan to make a selection of different styles and colours for boys and girls, but in the meantime this one will remain my favourite as I know Id have adored a Tooth Fairy Cushion like this as a child. All made and sewn completely by hand from felt, fabric, wool, ribbon and buttons, this cute little cushion hangs up to resemble a small handbag. Maybe I should have called it a Tooth Fairy Handbag? Anyway, after many hours of careful sewing, the pink heart pocket took the longest part, theres space for the tooth to sit inside and then space for a coin or two for the excited recipient to find the next day. Measurements: Cushion 14cm x 15cm Ribbon length 29cm Shipping rates outside the UK will apply as I used a tracked delivery service. Please message me for details before ordering.