Geosafari Jr Talking Microscope, Blue,Green,Purple


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Children can learn interesting facts about insects with the Geosafari Jr Talking Microscope. The microscope comes with 12 pre-prepared slides that when slid into the stage clips will give you facts about that slide. Look through the viewer to see where the arrow is pointing – this is where the fact related to. When you think you know all the facts about the insects use the quiz button to find out how much you have learned. Use the A, B, C buttons to answer.Featuring 5x magnification it also has an easy to use focusing knob specially designed for little hands. The ‘scope encourages independent learning and they won’t even know because they are having fun! Maybe you child will become an entomologist or a biologist all stemming from their talking microscope and the interesting things they will learn?Teaching microscopeFact andquiz feature5x magnification with focus control12 pre-prepared slidesTakes 3 x C batteries (not included)