Fantasy Fields Magic Garden Dolls House with Furniture


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Unlock the magic of Fantasy Fields’ Magic Garden Doll House. An excellent addition to the ever so popular Magic Garden Collection, this doll house ensures that your little ones will have a happy time flying their butterfly doll figurines (that are included) around its quarters. Three levels of imagination and fun, decorate the floors in your own unique way with pink bed, bathtub, foot rest and love seat, tv with stand, table and chairs, and sink with cabinets. Doll house has doors that open up for easy play time capability. Give your little one a chance to explore the levels of excitement with this doll house. Perfect for ages 3 and up. Sturdy and durable wooden construction made by Teamson Design Corp. Includes 14 pieces of furniture. Open-sided dollhouse perfect for kid’s playroom or Nursery home. Easy Assembly. Packaged with step-by-step assembly instruction.