Dreambaby Premium Bath Seat


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The Dreambaby® Premium Bath Seat helps keep baby safe in the tub and makes bath time more fun for both parent and child. Extra-wide leg space to prevent squashing. Front opens with easy-flick latches that make putting baby in and out of the seat fast and comfortable. Supportive backrest. Contoured non-slip suction caps with easy release tabs. Suitable from when baby can sit up – around 6 months – to when they can pull themselves up to standing – around 10 – 18 months. Please note that there is no replacement for proper adult supervision while children are in the bath or near water. Never leave your child unattended in the bathroom. Frees parent’s hands for washing baby and makes bath time a less backbreaking affair. Easy to clean. Easy to assemble and folds down for easy storage. STOP using when baby begins pulling to a standing position (approximately 10 months of age).