Close Pop-In Big Box + Newborn Pack – Pastels (Minkee), Blue,Green,Orange,Purple,White


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Wouldn’t it be good if you could save money by buying all the reusable nappies you’ll need in one box? Well, now you can with the Close Pop-In Big Box + Newborn Pack!This great value box contains all the reusable nappies you’ll need from newborn through to potty training. The box comes in your choice of bright or pastel colours, and either bamboo or minkee depending on your preference. Please choose your material and colour selection from the drop-down box to the top right.So what exactly is in the box? Well, in a word, lots! It’s got 18 reusable nappies in your colour and material type, 6 specially designed newborn outer shells in pastel colours, 10 newborn soaker inserts, 6 night time boosters, 1 roll of liners and a colourful tote bag.Let’s talk about the reusable nappies first: the pop-in has stretchy tabs to ensure a snug fit around your baby just like a disposable would. The soft waterproof shell lets baby’s bottom breathe and an absorbent panel in the outer shell which helps to hold in any wetness to stay that bit dryer between changes. The nappies are suitable from 3.18kg to 16kg and have a soft, elasticated waistband and double leg gusset for comfort and to protect against leaks. They are machine washable on 60°c.The newborn nappies have the same trust and reliability of the larger size nappies but have a few subtle differences. The front section is contoured to sit below the umbilical cord and the outer wrap can be wiped clean if not soiled whilst only changing the inner soaker. Really useful for the ‘low volume, high frequency’ nappy changes a newborn requires. The soakers in the newborn are double sided with different materials,1 00% soya (vegetable cashmere!) and stay dry suede so it’s up to you which one you want to put on your child’s sensitive skin. Newborn nappies are designed to fit on babies from 2 to 5.5kgNow, what’s the difference between bamboo and minkee? Well, Bamboo is naturally antibacterial, super absorbent and kind to skin, so is highly recommended for more sensitive skin, and Minkee is really soft, stain resistant and slightly easier to care for. it also dries faster than bamboo which is the main advantage for some parents.Large reusable nappy packContains 18 reusable nappies, 6 newborn outer shells, 10 newborn soaker inserts, 6 night time boosters, a roll of liners and a tote bagAvailable in minkee or bamboo materialsAvailable in pastel or bright coloursNappies are washable at 60°c