Classic World Tool Bench, Brown,Green,Orange,Yellow


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Put them to work and get them building with the Classic World Tool Bench. Designed for little carpenters, they have a choice of different tools from a saw, a hammer, a ruler, a spanner and a screwdriver. There is a mobile phone so they can take bookings and a clock to make sure they complete their jobs on time. Underneath the bench, you will find a storage tray to keep all their spare bits of wood etc in and there is a pocket for their tools on the top level. The set measures 40 x 30 x 56cm and is suitable for children aged 3 and up.Classic World have a simple belief: Happy Playing – Happy Learning. They know that children are our future and they develop toys to educate and entertain them simultaneously whilst also caring for their future world – they have an environmentally safe production process and use wood from sustainable forests. Wooden tool bench Sustainably sourced wood Bright and colourful 40 x 30 x 56cm Suitable for ages 3 +