Chicco Jump and Fit


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A modern twist on the traditional hopscotch game, the Chicco Jump and Fit can be played in two ways: firstly you can play in hopscotch mode and secondly in fitness mode to help develop motor skills as they play.In hopscotch mode, simply toss the disc onto a number and jump across the musical tabs as usual for a full moving and jumping game. In fitness mode, your little one can develop their visual and physical skills by rolling the dice and trying to imitate the position that it shows, helping to improve their balance and motor skills across 10 different positions. The electronic mat lights up and plays sounds as it’s jumped on, lighting up to indicate where your child should jump and generally having great fun!Fitness activity centre playmat to help develop motor skills Play in Hopscotch or Fitness modes with dice or disc Light up tabs and musical indicators Suitable for children aged 2 to 5 years old H150 x W40 x D1cm