Chicco First Dreams Next 2 Stars Light and Sound Projector – Pink, Pink


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Help create a relaxing atmosphere in your little one’s nursery with the wonderful Chicco Next 2 Stars Light Projector! Its soothing, sweet music and soft light display projections will help your baby drift off to sleep happily, and if your little one stirs in the night, the sound sensor will activate the nightlight again to calm and reassure them.Designed to give you & baby a good night’s sleepLights and sounds to soothe your little oneAutomatic reactivation sensor when baby stirsVolume control for different sized spacesHelps develop musical awareness and visual skillsAll about meThe Next 2 Stars projector easily attached to most cots, cot beds or other bedside areas, though it has been designed with the Chicco Next 2 Me side-sleeping crib in mind so fits perfectly over the edge of the crib. You can attach it to cribs with a tube diameter of 38mm or instead, you can place it on a flat surface nearby- the base is very sturdy. When in place, you can choose how you want it to work- with melodies, lights, or both. It offers 3 light effects, a soft projection with an automatic colour change, a full ceiling projection or as a simple night light- the moon on the front lights only in this mode.There are 30 minutes of music and soothing sounds programmed into the projector, with classical, pop, new age and nature sounds available through, you can cycle through manually to get to the sound your little one loves the most. A volume controller on the unit means you can adjust to suit differently-sized nurseries.If your little one starts to stir in the night, the projector can detect crying and will start to play music and glow again to try and soothe them and lull them back to sleep, a great feature which can really help both of you get some much-needed sleep! This brilliant device also comes with a soft, fabric toy which can be detached as required- the toy is machine washable for your convenience. It’s a great way to help your little one develop their visual skills and musical awareness and is suitable for use from birth. The unit requires 2 x AAA batteries, which are not included.