ByKay Stretchy Wrap Deluxe Jeans Blue


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ByKay Stretchy Wrap Deluxe Jeans Blue. KEEP THEM CLOSE Ideal for newborns as it keeps them really close just like in the womb the ByKay Stretchy Wrap Deluxe  is made from 100% cotton, perfect for your newborn. The wrap is so soft and stretchy and the deluxe is larger than the classic and is designed for babies from birth to 18kg (40lbs) due to it being wider and having a special seam finish. One size fits all with this wrap and it is 4.6 meters long (15ft 1") and is 70cm (27") wide. Check out the videos and instructions to see how easy it is to fit. Stretchy wrap carrier Newborn to 18kg One size fits all Ergonomic 100% cotton