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These burp cloths are super absorbent! They will protect your clothes while burping your sweet baby, they are incredibly soft against your babys skin and look very modern and colourful. They are also handy for mopping up various baby related spills! These burp cloths are made from a cute abacus print in pool by Birch Organic Fabrics. They have been backed with super soft plush towelling. The towelling has been prewashed to increase absorbency. These burp cloths would make a perfect gift for any new mama or papa as they are both practical and super cute! The abacus print is made from 100% certified organic cotton and it is extremely soft. The towelling is really plush and is so snuggly to touch. The burp cloths have been top stitched for durability around the edge of the fabric. Each burp cloth measures 20 x 7.5 inches (51 x 19.5 centimetres). Planning a nautical themed nursery? Check out our nautical themed pinterest board for inspiration! http://www.pinterest.com/BearCubsStore/lifeontheoceanwaves/