Britax Romer B-LITE Click & Go Adaptors


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The Britax Romer Click & Go Adaptors live up to their name, simply click and go! They’re simple to attach to your B-LITE pushchair and turn it into a travel system using the Britax infant carriers or carrycots for a secure, lay-flat environment.These smart adaptors are easy to attach to your Britax Romer B-LITE frame, and when they are attached, they become the receiver for the Britax Romer carrycot or infant carrier. They’re a must-have for parents that want to make the most out of their pram and turn it into a travel system.Set of Click & Go receiver adaptorsFor use with B-LITE pushchairAllows Britax carrycot or infant carrier to be attached easilyCarrycot, infant carrier and pushchairs all sold separatelyEasy to install