Breathable Baby Breathable Sleeping Bag Natural Medium


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Breathable Baby Breathable Sleeping Bag Natural Medium. The BreathableBaby® BreathableSack™ Wearable Blanket is designed to be the most comfortable baby sleeping bag on the market. Sleeping bags like this are fantastic for a number of reasons including being able to regulate your childs temperature, as you know these are rated to 1 tog, the child is unable to remove this unlike a standard blanket so they should not wake up cold too, it also can replace loose blankets in the cot that can cause suffocation or rebreathing carbon dioxide – both leading causes of SIDS. The BreathableSack™ also helps prevent overheating. Overheating is also a leading risk factor for SIDS. When babies get hot and perspire, the moisture wicking liner and breathable plush outer fabric helps keep babies dryer and more comfortable. Use over your baby’s favorite pajamas or with nothing on but a nappy. 100% polyester to make it hypoallergenic too! Sizes available: Small fits 4-8Kg; Medium fits 7-11Kg Cute “whoo” owl, “hip” hippo, “splash” elephant, and “speedy” turtle embroidery.