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Unique and practical Braw bibs, gorgeous modern bright fabric combinations to the front, and fleece backed to repel water, keeping your little one dry. The first Braw Bibs were made back in 2009 from some old band t shirts, a bed sheet and some spare fleece. They were used by both our Braw boys and have now been passed on to another gorgeous kid as they are still looking good and working well. How many bibs can you say are still going strong 6 years later? Materials Braw bibs are made from a mixture of new , upcycled and vintage cottons. This means these gorgeous bibs are only ever made in very limited runs and help keep fabrics from landfill. They are backed with polar fleece which keeps your little ones clothes dry underneath much like plastic backing but it washes so much better and is much comfier to wear. They attach at the back of the neck with nickel free poppers. Size Our bibs are approximately 20cm x 30cm, covering a large area. Ideal for young babies who bring up a lot of milk, avid dribblers, and older babies who are learning to feed themselves but havent quite got the knack of reaching their mouth with their food, their face and clothes being the usual destination! Designed and manufactured by hand in Scotland. Garment care Wash at 40 Degrees, tumble dry on a cool setting. Shipping Your bib will be dispatched within 35 days of purchase and will arrived gift wrapped in purple acid free tissue paper. Let us know if you would like a message written on the tag. We hope our Braw bibs will be treasured for years to come, being passed on to siblings or friends. Our clothes are made to last and are of high quality with reinforced seams to withstand the rough and tumble that kids put them through. If you have any concerns over the quality of our products, please contact us so we can put things right. All that is BRAW also provide a free repairs service on all garments purchased with a goal of maximising each garments life span and minimising landfill waste.