Bigjigs Baby Ball Fall, Brown,Green,Red,Yellow


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Let the hammer fall with the Bigjigs Baby Ball Fall! It’s a simple toy which will provide your little one with hours of fun, as well as teaching them about cause and effect, colour recognition and helping to develop their hand-eye coordination.Long lasting and durableBuilds fine motor skillsImproves your child’s hand-eye coordinationIt will never run out of batteries!All about mePlace a ball in the hole at the top, give it a tap with the hammer and it will drop down a level. When two balls are already in the tower, knocking a third down will displace the bottom one which will fall to the base when a little hand can easily retrieve it and start again. The bright colours are engaging, and the solid wood balls and hammer are well built and lightweight for little hands to grasp. The simple act of hitting a ball with a hammer helps your child to develop fine motor skills and the colours and satisfying clonk of the hammer stimulates visual and aural senses.