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Decamber for UK orders and 24th November for international orders. This will ensure you receive your item before Christmas. Say hello to your new breast friend ­čÖé These super absorbent , Cotton, reusable breast pads can be washed over and over again. Whether you are well into your breastfeeding journey , or have just started your amazing journey with your amazing new baby/babies, and your breasts are adjusting. Each pad has 4 total layers of fabric. The first layer which will rest on your breast is made out of bamboo fleece, which is super soft so gentle on your nipples, as well as being known for its amazing antibacterial properties, and very absorbent. The second layer of fabric is another layer of fleece, which is what makes them so absorbent. The 3rd layer is a layer of PUL fabric which is waterproof but breathable, this is what makes these amazing pads waterproof and stop any leaks onto your top. The 4th layer is a beautiful layer of pink bunny cotton, with the most amazing print, this is the side that will sit on your bra, the cotton helps it from moving about. Each pad measures almost 4 and a 1/2 inches. Serged around the edges to secure them. Please remember to change pads regularly. Care Instructions: Wash on a 40 wash or lower with a nonbio detergent if possible, No fabric softener as this will affect the absorbency of the pad. Air dry or tumble dry on a low setting with no tumble dryer sheets. Your pads will come in a sealed plastic bag (recyclable) to protect them, and then delicately wrapped in tissue paper, with a care card included. These Really are a perfect gift for any breastfeeding mama. This is for one pair of reusable breastfeeding pads, or if you would like more than one pair please select how many pairs you would like on the drop down option.