Babyzen Yoyo Rain Cover 6


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The rain covers for the 0+ and 6+ YOYO+ will be included with the YOYO+ when first bought. If misplaced, it can be replaced by purchasing the adequate rain cover for your stroller. This rain cover is compatible only with BABYZEN? YOYO+ 0+. BABYZEN? YOYO+ 6+ Rain Cover protects your baby from rain, cold, wind, sleet, snow, dust and debris away from your baby but also lets the air circulate. Easy and quick to put on and take off, the BABYZEN? YOYO+ 6+ Rain Cover offers optimal protection for your baby during your outings while offering a clear view of the world. The BABYZEN? YOYO+ 6+ Rain Cover is a lightweight, breathable polyurethane cover that ensures rain, cold, wind, sleet, snow, dust and debris stay well away from baby. It adapts to stroller shape letting air flow through. Made from 100% polyurethane, it is transparent and easy to clean and can be fitted in seconds with the Velcro on each side to hold it in place. Features: – Black binding all around (this will protect the stitching and allow longer durability) – Lightweight, breathable cover made of polyurethane. – Ensures air flows in and wet stay out. – Easy to apply, taking shape of the stroller it remains securely fastened until removed. – Small fold away for storage (comes with a cover bag). – Lightweight and foldable for pack and travel use as needed. Age Suitability YOYO+ 6+ Rain cover is suitable for children from 6 months and up to a maximum weight of 18kg.