Babymoov Lovenest – Blue, Blue


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The design of the Babymoov Lovenest is specifically adapted to avoid any flat spot on your baby’s head. The Lovenest can reassure and soothe baby thanks to its holding/cocoon effect and ensures good ventilation during baby’s sleep.The Lovenest is made of a breathable cotton/spandex fabric with a foam filling, and the baby’s head lies naturally at the centre of it due to the specific inclination of the design, gently propping and evenly distributing the weight so that it doesn’t lie only on the back of the skull. This head positioner was designed by Dr Manuel Maidenburg, a leading French paediatrician with over 25 years experience.The Lovenest can fit in any bed, bouncer, carrycot, crib or pushchair.Lifetime warranty from Babymoov with registration