Baby girls tutu bodysuit with a detachable Ankara tutu, ballerina shoes and hairband


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Baby girls pink ballerina bodysuit with a detachable Ankara tutu and ballet slippers and matching hairband. The symbol on the bodysuit Sika Wo Ntaban means money has wings money flies where it wants to go if you dont handle it well! So we have to make good financial investments in our childrens lives and future. The bodysuits are available in 5 sizes as well as the ballet shoes. 03 months shoe size 4 1/8 /10.5 cms 36 months shoe size 4 1/4 /11 cms 69 months shoe size 4 1/2 / 11.5 cms 912 months shoe size 4 3/4 /12 cms 1218 months shoe size 5 /12.5 cms 1824 months shoe size 5 1/4 /13.3 cms Shoe sizes can be ordered separately to suit the childs feet (see length) or the size stated will be sent. Size 1824 months comes with a ballet teddy instead of the ballet shoes as children that age tend to be more active but if the shoe is preferred, then please advise me.