Angelcare Growing-Up Potty, Turquoise


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The Angelcare Growing-Up Potty makes potty training quick, simple and convenient, by providing toddlers with more confidence and independence. The Growing-Up Potty offers 3 height options and grows with your child. This unique concept makes potty training your infant easier as they grow in confidence throughout their learning journey. The height of the potty can be adjusted easily using the Growing Clip system inside the base in 5 simple steps. This will ensure your little one’s sitting positioning is comfy and correct. The stylish and ergonomic design has been developed with Child Development Specialists, and encourages children to sit down and get up easily and independently. The Growing Up Potty is the ideal solution for toddlers experience discomfort on ground-based potties, and will help them achieve the ideal sitting position with maximum comfort. With safety guaranteed thanks to the wide and sturdy anti-slip base, and easy and convenient cleaning due to the removable container. Main features include:      Easily adjustable height using the ‘Growing-Clip’ System       Ergonomic Shape allows children to sit down and get up all on their own          Removable container makes it convenient to keep clean          Contemporary and unique design with strong shelf presence          Easy-to-use and adjust in 5 simple steps          Unique concept     Grows as your child grows for product longevity          Comfy, removable easy-clean container           Safe and sturdy base   0% APR Representative: this product is eligible for Interest Free Credit, available when you spend £1000 or more on selected Nursery products. Call 01698545112, or visit our shops. Terms and conditions apply: find out more